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Why do I need a user name and password?

How do I access password protected areas?

How do I sign up for golf or other events online?

How do I print photos?

How do I print out the list of tee times from the calendar?.

Where do I find the tee times for STLGA, STLN, STMGA and Couples Golf?

A Tutorial - Originally printed in the November 2007 Sea Trailer
updated 8/15/13

You only need a user name and password if you want to access the protected areas of the website.  The areas that are password protected are: Owner Directory, STMA Minutes, STMA Documents.

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2. On the Home Page side menu bar click on the Request Password button.  Complete the form and click on submit.  When it has been determined you are a current property owner at Sea Trail, you will receive the user name and password via e-mail.

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3. Individual pictures can be printed by clicking on the photo and then right clicking your mouse.  this will bring up a menu of items.  click on print.  another way would be to click on the photo and go to File (On your top menu bar) and select print.

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4. Once the box that contains the list of tee time is opened, right click your mouse.  A pop up window with a list of options will appear. Click on print to print out the entire contents of the pop up window.

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5. The tee times are on the calendar of events.  You can access them in one of two ways. 

1) Go directly to the Calendar section of the website, Click on either the STLGA, STLN, STMGA or the Couples calendar option on the side bar menu on the left of your screen.  Choose the date you are looking for and and click on the underlined event name.  It will open another window that contains the tee times and golf group you are playing with tht day.

2) Go to the Golf at Sea Trail section of the web site.  Select either the STLGA, STLN, STMGA or the Couples  link and you will find another link to take you directly to the STLGA, STLN, STMGA or the Couples calendar.

Once you are in the correct calendar, click the date you are looking for and a new window will open containing the Tee Times and golf group you are playing with that day.

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The on-line sign-up form is located on EVERY PAGE of the website at the top of the left menu bar.  Click on the link and you will be taken to the form.  Follow the direction on the page, be sure to click on the correct group you are signing up for and select continue.  Detaril for your choice will appear.  Complete the form enter the validation code and submit.

The list of people who have already signed up will appear with your name at the bottom of the list.  If you see that the list has already bee PRINTED, you will need to contact the appropriate representative in order to be included in the event.










Website Tutorial

If you are among those having difficulties, please use this article as a small tutorial to help you navigate and access the information on this site.  If you do, it will help you better navigate and view the Master Association website and find the information you are looking for. 


Understanding the Menu Bars


The website has been broken into four main areas indicated by the four buttons across the top of the page.  They are 1) About Sea Trail, 2) Golf, 3) Clubs & Activities and 4) Calendar. 


If you hover your mouse over any one of these items, you will see a drop down menu of pages included in that section.  If an item in the drop down menu has a > by it, you can hover your mouse over that item to see additional page options.


In addition to the top menu choices each section, including the Home Page, has a unique menu bar along the left hand side of the page.  If you mouse over any item on the menu structure and see a small hand you can click on that item to take you to another page.  For example, if you are on the Golf Page and you mouse over to STMGA and click on STMGA it will take you to the STMGA Home Page!  Many, but not all, of the menu choices on the left menu bar also have a pop out menu to direct you to the many other pages available. When the Pop Out Menu bar is extended, you can mouse over any of the items to take you to the desired page.


Hint:  Just remember, if you see the small hand or a > symbol when you mouse over an item, it will take you to a new page.


Adobe Acrobat Reader Latest Version  

Many of the pages on this website require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you want to access The Sea Trailer, golf handicaps, golf meeting minutes, results of weekly golf tournaments, any of the Sea Trail Master Association important documents, or many other pages you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you are having trouble accessing any of the mentioned pages, try clicking on the down load link found on each page requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader.    If you continue to have trouble let the webmaster know as soon as possible.


Photo Gallery


From the home page you will find a link to the photo gallery.  If you ever want to know when new photos have been added to the site you can find this information on the Latest News Page also accessed from the Home Page.  The website offers you two ways to view the photos in each gallery.  You can click on the “Start Slides” button and sit back and view the slide show of all the photos in that album   If you want to pause the slide show you can or you can view one photo at a time by hitting the Next or Back buttons.


I hope you find this information helpful and are enjoying your website.  If ever you are having difficulty please let me know and I will try to help.

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