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Friends, Food & Wine



Membership in Friends, Food, & Wine is open to all residents of Sea Trail.  

Dinner groups of 4 couples enjoy each other's company three times a year: January, February, March; April, May, June and September, October, November.

The host couple confers with the other three couples to decide on a mutually agreeable date for the dinner.   The host couple prepares the main course, the other three couples bring the appetizer, soup/salad and the dessert.  Each couple also brings a bottle of wine to the host house.  

If someone in the group cannot make it to the dinner it is the host’s responsibility to find a substitute couple; the substitute does not have to be in the FF&W group, they can be a friend or neighbor.

The FF&W committee provides the recipes and sets up the rotations. Everyone will get the opportunity to meet and dine with new couples.

Friends, Food & Wine is a great way to enjoy an evening with your fellow Sea Trailers, enjoy a grear dinner, experience new wines and make new friends.

Your 2016/2017 Committee

Jenni and Greg Barratt (575-2922) or

Mary and Doug Bergere (575-5722) or


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